Contemporary Large Tile
clean etched subway tile pattern
detailing promotes a warm home-like

Reinforced Walls
flat, fully reinforced wall option for
unlimited accessory placement and adaptability

Return Flange Wall System
each wall transition is clean and
minimizes construction time while
maximizing clear floor space

Soap Dishes
molded recessed soap dishes meet
reach range and obstruction rules with
clean styling


Grab Bars
1.25” Comfort Care grab bars can be
powder coated and/or grip textured for
safe easy use

Comfort Care Padded Seat
senior friendly height promotes safety and

Underlay Transition Ramp
enables a clean finished floor transition
which meet code

Easy Installation
no slab recess required


Code Compliant Threshold Option

2010 code standards introduced a 1/4’ vertical threshold for roll in showers. With the vertical conversion option, your finished floor must come up 3/4” which leaves a 1/4” vertical compliant threshold. Although 1/4” vertical threshold is legal, we modeled a flush floor finish to emphasize the preferred finish technique.

Reference 303.1 General.


Code Compliant Threshold Options

2010 code standards introduced the change of level threshold. This Asura COL option allows on-slab installation when the finished floor height meets the bottom of the bevel.

Reference 303.3 Beveled.


AcrylX™ applied acrylic is standard finish with higher shine and a brighter white.
Optional finish colors are bone and biscuit.